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Stay hydrated throughout the day with VPLAB’s Bottle for Drinks, boasting a substantial 2.2-liter capacity. Designed specifically for active individuals and athletes, this bottle ensures you have enough water for your entire workout, no matter the sport. Constructed from high-quality PETG plastic, this sturdy bottle is BPA and DEHP-free, making it a safe choice for everyday use. 


  • Large Capacity: Holds 2.2 liters, providing ample hydration during extended training sessions or daily activities. 
  • Freshness Maintained: Keeps water fresh all day, ideal for workouts, daily errands, or traveling. 
  • Versatile and Safe: Suitable for use in microwaves, dishwashers, and freezers, enhancing its utility. 

The VPLAB Bottle for Drinks is not just a hydration tool—it's an essential part of your fitness gear. Its robust design withstands various temperatures and conditions, whether you're hitting the gym or exploring the outdoors. With its easy-to-carry handle and secure cap, this bottle is as functional as it is crucial for maintaining optimal hydration. 


  • Quality Material: Made from high-quality PETG plastic, free from BPA and DEHP. 
  • Practical Design: Features a sturdy handle and a cap attached by a connecting loop for secure transport. 
  • Odorless and Stainless: Ensures the contents remain clean and palatable without any unwanted smells or residues. 

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